Bottega Veneta Now Offers A Lifetime Warranty For Its Handbags

In recent years, customers have complained that certain fashion brands have increased prices for handbags while the quality has deteriorated. There are countless influencers dedicated to chronically minute changes in bag construction and materials, as well as pointing out what bags are “worth” the price due to the materials and labor involved in crafting the bag and which bags you’re paying more for the logo than anything else.

Bottega Veneta is known for its sense of quiet luxury. Its handbags are devoid of logos and ostentatious branding but have distinctive designs and craftsmanship techniques that those in the know recognize. The intrecciato design of woven leather is iconic, whether it comes in tiny or wide strips, it quietly screams “Bottega Veneta.” Each bag takes days to make using time-honored craftsmanship techniques and accordingly commands high prices.

Now, the brand reinforces its commitment to expert craftsmanship and luxurious materials by announcing a new lifetime warranty program on its bags. The Certificate of Craft program offers unlimited complimentary refreshes and repairs on its handbags. The program is certainly exciting for handbag connoisseurs. Bottega Veneta uses the finest leather, which can unfortunately scratch if you are careless with your bag. Now, you’ll be able to send it in for a quick fix if you nick the bag. “Bottega Veneta is extraordinary craft with exquisite design and creativity. The Certificate of Craft is born out of a desire to offer our clients a superior service of long-term preservation of their products,” said Leo Rongone, Bottega Veneta CEO, in a statement.

Brands like Bottega Veneta prize the timelessness of their designs and the longevity of the products, so it’s a strong statement of its continuous commitment to adhering to the highest standards in a world that is cutting corners to increase brands’ profits at the expense of customers and quality. “Our vision remains consistent with the one of our founders. They wanted Bottega Veneta to represent the most elevated and refined form of luxury. We count days, not hours, to make our products. They are designed to last forever,” said Rongone.

We generally think of products like watches and jewelry as being family heirlooms that are passed down through generations, but now Bottega Veneta wants you to consider your handbag to be one too. And with the new Certificate of Craft program, the bags will look as good as new no matter how old they are.

This program also underscores the idea that purchasing fewer items made from high-quality materials is a responsible way to shop, rather than indulging in fast fashion pieces that fall apart after a few seasons. “We focus on responsible growth. Our intention is to maintain products in use for longer, reducing the need for replacement,” said Rongone.

Beginning in November, each bag will be accompanied by a physical and digital card with a serial number corresponding to the bag. Unfortunately, the Certificate of Craft program only applies to new purchases.

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