The Escape Of A Lifetime; Get Away From It All With The Singular Patagonia

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If you’ve been looking for an unforgettable destination to visit, chances are Patagonia is close to the top of your list- there’s no denying the region’s allure for both seasoned travelers and those looking for a more involved excursion. Spanning southern Chile, Patagonia is known for its glaciers, range of landscapes, rich wildlife and relative isolation. While its popularity has grown steadily over the past few decades, the area still beckons to travelers searching for a unique experience worlds away from typical resort getaways. Planning a trip around The Singular Patagonia makes it easy to choose an experience of a lifetime that is also tailored to your interests. Re-defining luxury travel, the hotel will introduce you to Patagonia’s far-flung gems while highlighting fine dining, elegant accommodations and the heritage of your surroundings.

Housed in a historic former storage plant, The Singular Patagonia guarantees a warm welcome after a day filled with outdoor excursions. Offering a selection of rooms and suites overlooking the fjords of Last Hope Sounds, the hotel itself is a portal into Patagonia’s rich blend of natural beauty and historic curiosities. As you make your way to breakfast or dinner at one of the resort’s two on-site restaurants, admire original machinery from the building’s manufacturing days. Once you’ve settled into a rhythm, the hotel’s spa invites you for post-hike massages and other wellness treatments. The hotel’s exceptional location, spa services and dining choices also make it easy to take a day off from exploring and spend some time relaxing steps away from the comfort of your room. The spa’s mantra is defined by Salut Per Aqua, which translates to “health through water.” With this unique approach in mind, you’ll have the chance to soak or swim in a pool of water from the Fjord of Last Hope in an indoor/outdoor space overlooking the fjord itself.

Staying at The Singular also opens your world up to a number of special excursions, all of which put Patagonia’s best features at your fingertips. Start by kayaking through Torres del Paine, where you’ll be able to experience the area’s Grey Glacier firsthand. This all- day experience gets you out on the water, where you can paddle at your own pace before heading back to the hotel for dinner. If you love the idea of seeing a glacier up close but aren’t too keen on the physical workout, the hotel’s two high-speed boats can accelerate the experience without missing any of the views.

If you’re more of a hiker, you won’t want to miss the hotel’s trekking excursion, which takes you on a ten-hour tour of the Caves and Horns lookout, the summit of Sierra Baguales, or the Valle del Frances. With native fauna and flora all around you, trekking is the best way to take in every detail of the Patagonian landscape. It’s worth noting that the region’s rapidly changing weather can take visitors by surprise, so it’s best to pack a wide range of clothing, including waterproof layers and sun protection. (Сheck out the hotel's list of Things to Know Before VIsiting Patagonia for more tips!)

If you’re curious about the region’s wildlife, The Singular Patagonia’s Puma and Wildlife Photography Safari takes you on a guided excursion through Patagonia’s wilds, which are home to one of the world’s most beautiful big cats. By learning how to track and look for traces of the animals, you’ll get an introduction to wildlife photography while getting to know the surrounding landscape- and, you’re guaranteed to arrive back at the hotel with a portfolio of irreplaceable shots.

No matter what kind of traveler you are, The Singular Patagonia works to provide you with a full introduction to one of the world’s most elusive destinations. Complete with luxury accommodations, fine Chilean dining, and assistance with the logistics of planning a trip to Patagonia, the hotel is your gateway to the history, culture, and ecological diversity that continues to draw travelers to the “end of the world.” As airlines add more flights to Southern Chile and the year draws to a close, there’s no better time to plan a visit to Patagonia. For more information, you can find a full, updated list of the hotel’s 2022/2023 excursion options here.

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